Bringing mental freedom, emotional mastery, and mature masculinity to men through coaching and mentoring.





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Step into your Mature Masculine & Feminine and become whole

  • Master and connect to yourself emotionally to find peace in the present moment.

  • Know yourself deeply and intimately, embodying your most authentic self.

  • Release all shame and blocks around your sexuality, achieving greater sexual energy than ever before.

  • Reconnect to your anger consciously to rediscover your passion and drive for life.

  • Understand the dance between the Masculine & Feminine to greater enhance your relationship with yourself and your partners.

  • Connect to and embody the four Mature Masculine Archetypes of the King, Warrior, Magician, & Lover.

  • Overcome any distrust of other men, strengthening your bonds into a brotherhood.

I provide a non-judgemental space to explore yourself vulnerably and transform yourself into the man you wish to be, making you aware of your blocks to happiness and peace.

“Plenty of men know every little detail of their cage, awareness isn’t necessarily what opens the door.”

– Michael Gay, Men’s Work Facilitator

The world needs men who are willing to be witnessed in their vulnerability.

Who is this work for?

  • Men who hunger for a deeper meaning and drive.

  • Men who hold a great deal of shame around being a man.

  • Men who cannot cry, or won’t.

  • Men who feel lonely, and struggle to connect to others and themselves.

  • Anyone trying to level up their journey through life, for greater pleasure, connection, joy, and intimacy.

  • Men who had an emotionally or physically distant father.

  • Men who don’t trust other men or subtly compete with them.

  • Men who are passive in their career and relationships.

  • Men who are disconnected from their sexual essence.

  • Men who struggle to connect to women intimately.

  • Men who never get angry, or can’t control it.

These are all symptoms of a misalignment of the archetypes. Through awareness and embodiment, we bring balance back and these symptoms resolve.

“Academics are great at creating maps, but maps are not the forest. The people who have walked through the forest, they make the best maps.”

– Erick Godsey, Student of the Psyche

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