Vulnerability: The Power of Being Witnessed

Being witnessed is one of the most powerful paths to healing. We can do a lot of healing on our own, but it isn’t until we are seen speaking our truth by people who hold no judgement, who love us and accept us, that we can truly let go of our old stories.

We are in an epidemic of men holding onto their truth. Hiding it. Stuffing it so far down that they don’t even know it’s there. What we need is more men who are willing to be vulnerable, to be witnessed in that vulnerability. It is only then that the healing really begins to solidify.

If you are a man today, you were taught to hold a great deal of shame. But it is not the truth of who you are. Speak to a friend, talk to a therapist, attend a men’s circle, go on a men’s retreat. Do SOMETHING where you can be vulnerable in your truth and be accepted for it. We are all so much more similar than different, all men have the same fears, we just don’t know we do.

The world needs more men who are healed from their wounds, and inspires others to heal theirs. Be one of them.

For those who wish to learn more deeply how to trust other men, and themselves, reach out to me for a free discovery call.

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Image Source: Evan M. Cohen @evanmcohen

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