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Even if it doesn’t feel like a big deal, the mere act of taking the time to reach out is powerfully symbolic to the human psyche. Within the arc of the Hero’s Journey, it is the act of answering the Call to Adventure. Even if you don’t end up booking with me, know that you are ready for change, and take that with you on your path forward.

I am the guide you meet along the path to transformation.

Whatever you are struggling with or working through, I am there to guide you through the process of transformation. When you work with me, you get access to every book I’ve ever read, every experience I’ve overcome, every course I’ve taken, and everything I’ve learnt from all the coaches and clients I’ve worked with. My knowledge, experience, and tools become yours, and I will do everything I can to create a non-judgemental, safe environment that fosters transformation and growth. For many men, I am the first man they have ever cried in front of, or told their deepest secrets to, because with me you can guarantee a safe space, that also drives you to be your best self.

What I provide

Mature Masculinity – Knowledge and implementation of the Mature Masculine Archetypes of the King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover to balance your life and reach fullness.
Masculine & Feminine Dynamics – A deep understanding of the Masculine & Feminine energies for enhanced self-knowledge and improved relationships with both men and women.
Mental Freedom – Become aware of your barriers to mental freedom with my help, let go of your self-judgements and learn how to soothe the inner-judge.
Emotional Embodiment – Learn how to honour and process all of your emotions effectively and as they come up within the body.
Releasing Shame – Utilise my deep knowledge of men’s and women’s issues to release any shame you may hold around your gender.
Business & Entrepreneurship Coaching – Reach your career goals, I have a deep inner knowledge of Startups and business in general, having run multiple Google Startup Weekend events and mentored many on their startups.
Sexuality & Pleasure – Open yourself up to greater levels of pleasure, remove any sexual shame that blocks you, learn how to become multi-orgasmic, and understand how to level up your life with semen retention.
Trauma Release – Gain access to my knowledge around the biology of emotional trauma, and guidance on how to release it safely and slowly using journaling, somatic therapies, and vulnerable expression.
Chronic Illness/Healing Guidance – After three years with severe mold poisoning, giving me chronic fatigue, weight loss, IBS, brain fog, anxiety/depression, and the rest, I learnt a thing or two around constructing a mindset that facilitates healing.
Mindset Coaching – Together we will craft you a rock solid mindset that honours all that you are and prevents you from ever settling for less in your relationships, career, and energy.
Health Optimisation/Functional Medicine – I have a huge personal interest in this field, I am by no means a professional, but I can certainly help point you in the right directions and implement powerful health changes.


3 Months

Weekly 60-90 minute mentoring sessions
A cycle of weekly sessions that will help facilitate rapid growth and transformation. More than enough time to become well read in the archetypes, embodiment, and release yourself from judgement. Suitable for those who know they are ready for change right now, but can’t figure out how to create it or desire someone to guide them on that path.

6 Months

Weekly 60-90 minute mentoring sessions
A longer cycle of weekly sessions for those who wish to learn deeply about the Masculine and Feminine, in order to foster the greatest transformation in their lives. Excellent for those trying to level up their career and wish for a mentor to help them along their journey.

12 Months

Weekly 60-90 minute mentoring sessions
A long cycle of weekly sessions that will allow for solid, lasting implementation of everything within the previous two packages, and allow for sustained growth. Suitable for those who desire a friend, confidant, and partner to help guide them through life.

Ready to transform your life?

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